Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tuesday Tips, Chic Country Square Up

Our Chic Country pattern continues to be one of our most popular patterns, for good reason! It's amazing!! :) We've taken a wonderful traditional design and simplified it using the Quick Curve Ruler!! 

Many quilters have had a lot of success and satisfaction with our Chic Country pattern and the quilts they've been able to make using our pattern are breathtaking! 

Some of our customers have had questions about a few steps in the pattern and in particular the "square up" step. 

Here is a picture tutorial of a few steps in this pattern, including the square up. 

These first few pictures show the process of sewing on the background pieces and directional pressing for one block.

 Right sides together, sew on first background piece. Begin with the ends meeting, as shown...

Press towards focus fabric

Right sides together, sew on second background piece, begin with top piece down about an inch.

 Press towards the background piece that was just sewn on.

 Right sides together, sew on third background piece, beginning down about a 1/4 inch.

Press towards third background piece that was just sew on.

Your block should resemble this.

Place 3 small dots on your Quick Curve ruler with a sharpie marker (these marks can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol). These dots will help when squaring up blocks. Be sure your ruler is face up with the "1's" in the upper right hand corner. Place the first dot down and in a 1/4 inch.

 From the upper right hand corner count over 4 3/4 inches and down 1 3/4 inch and mark your ruler with another small sharpie marker dot.

 From the upper right hand corner count down 4 3/4 inches and in 1 3/4 inch, make another sharpie marker dot.

Place your block under your ruler (as shown in the picture below) with the three points of your "petal" shape sitting under the sharpie marker dots that were previously placed on ruler. Line "petal" points up under the dots as close as possible. 

Some of your blocks will sit under the dots almost perfectly.

However, some if not most of your blocks, the points will be off just a smidgen or more. Don't let this concern you. Just get the points as close as possible under those dots then square your blocks to 5" x 5".

Press all seams open.

Four 5x5 blocks sewn together should resemble this flower shaped block.

Do not let points that do not match up perfectly, concern you! In the end, all the blocks will come together beautifully and the inconsistent points will not matter or take away from the finished quilt. 

As you can see in one of our Chic Country quilts, some of the points match up perfectly and others do not. However, the overall finished quilt is gorgeous and the inconsistencies are not noticed! 

The mesmerizing and beautiful interconnecting circles are definitely the signature look of this traditional design!! Everyone, including us, loves it! Each Chic Country Quilt is breathtaking!

We have taken a relatively difficult and time consuming traditional pattern and simplified it using the Quick Curve Ruler! What used to take quilters months if not years to complete, quilters are putting our Chic Country quilts together in days! :)

We hope these Chic Country tips have helped! We know many have enjoyed and been very satisfied making our pattern and we know many more of you will as well! :)

Here are some more recent Chic Country eye candy that we've seen popping up on InstaGram recently! (Credit is under each quilt)








We are excited to see all of our customer's Chic Country Quilts! Please hashtag #chiccountry or #chiccountryquilt or #sewkindofwonderful on Instagram or Facebook. 

Happy Quilting Everyone!

~Sew Kind of Wonderful~
Jenny, Helen and Sherilyn

Monday, February 20, 2017


A few weeks ago Kathy Doughty sent me this lovely bunch of fabric - a bundle of her new line Celebrate with FreeSpirit.  She asked me to be inspired with it and to blog about the design process and some of the elements we use to give a project the "Sew Kind of Wonderful" look.

 We have been playing with quilt designs that use a curved half square triangle, so I cut a bunch and began laying them out to feel inspired.  Here are a couple fun ideas..... 

Some of the elements we always try to incorporate in our designs include: high contrast between fabric texture and color, use of solids to show off the curved piecing, and to take a less than traditional approach to the overall design....

I then got it in my head I wanted to play around with the traditional quilt block 'card trick'..... here is one version of this traditional block.

I decided to try using our Chic Picnic pattern and the 
'card trick' block to create a slightly different look...... and these are a few of the blocks as I was working up different layouts.

Not only was I playing with the block layout, but also the setting triangles..... One of the fun elements about Celebrate is the great use of color, and to make the colors look more dynamic I used shades of gray as background and the mustard and plum setting triangles.  Kathy's colors are in the secondary and tertiary zones of the color wheel so the mustard and plum colors also worked.

After a few more tweaks here is the fun Picnic Celebration mini quilt......The quilting helped the 
'card trick' design pop and the plain corner pieces also helped to set it off.

Celebrate was loads of fun to work with!  The colors are vibrant, the scale has variety to offer different looks as the prints are cut into different sizes and the fabric has a joyful feel to it!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

2017 - Off To A Great Start!

2017 has already kept us very busy! Just the way we like it! :)

We had a wonderful time in California at the Road to California Quilt Show...even though it was a little too cold for our liking!

We had a lot of extra help this time around! Jenny's daughter, Brittany, was a lot of fun and even learned to sew curves and demo like a pro in no time at all!

While at Road to California, Gammill made their announcement that we will be 3 of their newest Gammill Quilt Artists! We are thrilled for this opportunity and to team up with Gammill! :)

After California Helen and Sherilyn rushed off to Logan Utah to participate in the Winter Quilt Fest.  They had so much fun teaching, sharing quilts, and most of all getting to know many more awesome quilters!

Jenny has been doing a little sprucing up around her home after getting Christmas all packed away. 
How about these awesome runners for a little inspiration!

And, Helen has been making some huge changes around her home. She decided a bigger creative space is what was needed. Here is a little sample of what she's been up to. 
Even her new pressing station got a significant makeover!

We have many new and exciting projects in the works. We are working on a new book and new patterns for this year!

How about a Mini Country to go along with our very popular Chic Country!?!

Here is a side by side for a little comparison! So itty bitty and adorable!! :)

And we're not quite sure what these will be but they will definitely be something!! Mannequins, dress forms, bathing suits?? Guess we'll have to wait and see! :)

We just recently surprised our mother for her 80th birthday! We agree, she does NOT look 80!! All six of her children and a daughter-in-law made it to Mesa, Arizona to surprise her! And it sure was an awesome surprise! It was so fun to be all together, even if it was just for a day! 

Happy Quilting!

Sew Kind of Wonderful
Jenny, Helen and Sherilyn